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Basketball (United Kingdom: basketball) is a sports ball group consisting of two teams each consisting of five people make it score points at each other by inserting the ball into the opponent’s basket. Basketball is perfect to watch because it played in the gym closed and require only a relatively small field. In addition, the game of basketball is more competitive because the tempo of the game tends to be faster when compared to the other ball sports, such as volleyball and football. There are 3 major positions in playing basketball, namely: 1) Forward, the main task of the player who was scoring points by inserting the ball into the opponent’s basket, 2) Defense, the main task of the player is to keep players of the opponent so that the opponent difficulty inserting the balls, and 3) Playmaker, player who became a key figure of the game by setting the flow ball and the strategies played by fellow teammate.

Basketball is one sport most favored by residents of the United States and of the population in the other hemisphere, among others in South America, southern Europe, Lithuania, and also in Indonesia. Many of the basketball competition held every year, as the British Basketball League (BBL) in the United Kingdom, the National Basketball Association (NBA) in America, and Indonesia Basketball League (IBL) in Indonesia.

History of basketball

Basketball is considered unique because the sport was created accidentally by a gym teacher. In 1891, Dr. James Naismith, a teacher of Sports Canada origin who taught at a college for students at the YMCA professionals (a Christian youth container) in Springfield, Massachusetts, should make a game in a closed space to fill the time students during the winter break in New England. Inspired by the game he ever plays a small moment in Ontario, Naismith created the game now known as basketball on 15 December 1891.

According to the story, after rejecting several ideas because it is considered too harsh and less suitable for play in the pit-the pit closed, he then wrote some basic rules, baskets in the wall of the gymnasium spaces, and ask the students to begin to play the game of his creation of it.

Official basketball match the first held on 20 January 1892 at work Dr. James Naismith. Basketball is a term uttered by one of his pupils. This sport soon famous throughout the United States. Fanatical fans are placed around the branches in the United States. The match for the sake of the match was carried out across the cities of the State of United States.

At first, each team totaled nine people and no heel, so the ball can only move through the throw. The history of regulation basketball game begins from 13 basic rules written by James Naismith.

The pitch, time, and number of the basketball player

Basketball court rectangular with two standard sizes, i.e. the length of 28.5 meters wide and 15 meters for a standard National Basketball Association long and 26 meters wide and 14 meters to standard International Basketball Federation. Three circles in a basketball court have long fingers that are 1.80 meters.

The number of players in the game of basketball is 5 people in one shift with a spare 5 people. While the number of referees in the game of basketball is 2 people. The referee called the Referee while the referee 1 2 called Umpires.

Game time is 4 x 10 minutes if it is bound by the rules of the International Basketball Federation. The version of the National Basketball Association play time is 4 x 12 minutes. In between rounds 1, 2, 3, and 4 round, there is a break for 10 minutes. In case of the same score at the end of the match should be held after extra time until going on a difference in the score. Between the two there is additional time off for 2 minutes. Time to throw to in 5 seconds.

The circumference of the ball used in the game of basketball is 75 cm � 78 cm. weight While the ball is 600 � 650 grams. If the ball is dropped from a height of 1.80 meters on the floor Board, then the ball must be returned at an altitude of between 1.20 � 1.40 meters.

The length of the Board reflected the outer part is 1.80 meters wide while the Board reflected the outside is 1.20 meters. And the length of the Board reflected the inside was 0.59 meters wide while the Board reflected the inner part is 0.45 m.

Distance floor to bounce the bottom Board is 2.75 meters. While the distance of the Board reflected the lower part up to the basketball hoop is 0.30 meters. Basketball hoop has a length that is 0.40 meters. While the distance of the poles up to the end of the line is 1 meter.

Length diameter circle on a basketball court is 1.80 meters with line width size that is 0.05 meters. The length of line end circle area of attack that is 6 meters. While the length of the line of the penalty shot that is 3.60 meters.

Rules of the game of basketball

Basic rules for the game of basketball is as follows:

The ball may be thrown in any direction by using one or both hands.

The ball may be batted in any direction with the use of one hand, but may not be hitting a fist (punching).

Players are not allowed to run while holding the ball. The player must throw the ball from point place received the ball, but it is possible when the players ran at a speed of.

The ball must be held in or between the hands. Arm or other body members are not allowed to hold the ball.

Players are not allowed, holding, pushing the butting, hitting, or tackle the opponent in any way. The first infraction to this rule will be counted as a second offense would be a mistake, given the sanctions in the form of disqualification of a player to his team’s basket offenders entered by the opponent’s ball, and if the offense was committed with the purpose to injure an opponent, then player violators will be charged should not come into play throughout the game. During this period, the turnover of players is not permitted.

A mistake was made when the players hit the ball with the fist (punching), breach of rules 3 and 4, as well as breaking things mentioned in rule 5.

If one of the parties did three consecutive error, then the error will be counted as a goal for his opponents (consecutive means without infringement of opponents by turning).

A goal occurs when the ball is thrown or batted from the field went into the basket, in this case, the player guarding the basket does not touch or disturb the goal.

If the ball has stopped on the edge of the basket or the opponent moves the basket, then it will not count as a goal.

If the ball out of the field game, the ball will be thrown back into and played by the first player to touch it. In case of difference of opinion about the ownership of the ball, then the referee will cast him into the field. The pitcher gave time 5 seconds to throw the ball in his grasp. When he held over long periods of time, then the ownership of the ball will move. If one party does the can delay the match, then the referee can give them a warning.

The referee has the right to pay attention to game players and recorded a number of violations and inform referees in case of breach of a maid in a row. The referee has the full right to give the players a disqualification offense in accordance with that stated in rule 5.

Referee assistants noticed the ball and take the decision if the ball is supposed to have come out of the field, turn of the ownership of the ball, as well as calculating the time. Referee assistants are entitled to determine the validity of a goal and count the number of goals that have occurred.

Game time is 4 quarter each 10 minutes

The party managed to enter the ball to ring the most will be declared the winner

Basic techniques of the basketball game

How to hold a basketball is a large bowl formed hand stance. The ball was in between the two Palms. The palm of the hand is attached on the side of the ball somewhat back, fingers splayed attached to the ball. The thumb lies close to the body in the back of the ball towards the middle of the front. Both horses form walk with one foot in the future. The Agency slightly leaning forward and knees relaxed.

In catching the ball must be observed so that the ball is in mastery. The ball was picked up your Palm with fingers splayed hands and wrists relaxed. When the ball came in between both palms, fingers immediately attached to the ball and pulled back or follow the direction of the oncoming ball. Catch the ball (catching ball) consisting of two kinds of the way that is catching the ball above his head and caught the ball in front of the chest.

Pass or throw the ball consists of three ways that is throwing the ball from the top of the head (overhead pass), throw the ball from the front of the chest (chest pass) which is done from the chest to chest as quickly in the game, as well as throwing a ball bouncing to the ground or floor ( bounce pass).

Dribble (dribbling ball) is an attempt at bringing the ball forward. The way is with a bouncing ball to the bounce-floor with one hand. When the ball moves the hands stick to the ball and follow the direction of the ball. 5. press the ball when it reaches the highest point toward the bottom with a little straightening elbow followed by the flexibility of the wrist.

Dribble in basketball games can be divided into two ways, i.e., low dribble and dribble. Dribble low aims to protect the ball from an opponent’s reach. A high dribble is done to hold a fast attack to the opponent’s defense.

Pivot or slap off is an attempt to save the ball from an opponent’s reach with one walk as its axis, while the other foot can spin 360 degrees.

Basketball players did shooting with two hands.

The shooting was an attempt inserting balls into a basket or a basketball hoop to grab the opponent’s points. In doing this shooting can be done in two ways, namely by shooting with two hands and shooting with one hand.

Lay-up business is entering the ball into the basketball hoop or a basket with two steps and skips in order to grab the points. Lay-up called also shot with a float.

The techniques of professional basketball games

Fade Away

Fade away is a technique that encourages the body to the back while doing the shoot, so complicate the defender to head off the ball. This technique is a bit difficult for beginners. When the balance of the body is not a can-can awake and falling backward. NBA players who often wear this technique is the basketball legends like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Hook Shoot

The hook is a very effective technique when players are maintained by people who are higher than the players. That is how shooting from the side with one hand. So the distance between the people who wait and players can be a bit much. Later this technique was often used by Rony Gunawan Satria Muda Britama time against Garuda Bandung in 2009, and the Final accuracy reaches 80%.

Jump Shoot

Techniques that it took the leap, and the accuracy of the shot. That is to jump in and do the wild shots and hard to be defeated.


is how to dribble in a way reflecting the ball from his left hand to the right hand or vice versa. usually, the techniques have been many in the improvisation in a way reflecting the ball in between the cracks of the legs (mostly professional players are already using this technique) or the back of the leg.

Slam dunk

Slam dunk is one of the most popular techniques. Actually quite simple, that only put the ball directly into the ring and throwing the hand to a basketball hoop. Although simple, for those with a height of 171 cm slam like this is almost impossible to do because the leap is not high enough.

The development of the

The basketball game is already highly developed and popular since it was first introduced by James Naismith. One such development is the creation of movements or slams dunk menombok, i.e. the movement to incorporate and basketball dart directly into the basket that can be done with the acrobatic movements that extraordinary magnitude.

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