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How To Lose Weight

Posted at June 7th, 2018 | Categorised in Health

Have an ideal body weight is certainly not something that’s fun, especially if we are someone very perfectionist against appearances. Of course, we will strive hard to figure how to lose excess body weight in order to support the appearance in public.

In addition to the issue of appearance, obesity is also having an impact is not good for health, such as triggering the onset of stroke, heart, hypertension, respiratory, fertility, etc. So it is important to have an ideal body weight to avoid these diseases stood to our agency.

Before discussing how to lower the body’s good, of course, we know it used to be the causes of the occurrence of obesity or overweight. Some of them among his as follows:

Causes Of Obesity

1. Genetic factors

The genetic factor is the factor that most often leads to obesity. A person who inherits a fat gene from parents will have a great chance of obesity as well.

2. Side effects of drugs.

Drugs such as antidepressants, antipsychotics, antiepileptic, steroids, drug diabetes medication, and an inhibitor of beta are some drugs that can trigger the onset of weight gain.

3. Pregnancy

Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy may increase the appetite so it can affect weight gain.

4. The increase of the age

The more we get someone, then the system will lead to decreased metabolism, it can increase the risk of increasing weight.

After knowing the causes of obesity above, how to lose weight naturally?

How To Lose Weight Naturally

1. avoid Supper

Consuming food at midnight hours can trigger the onset of obesity. This is due because after consuming the food, we tend to will sleep the body’s sake that we’re not doing any activity. This resulted in the fat and calories due to the intake of foods that we consume accumulates in the body.

2. Eat Healthy Snacks

Snacks are one of the causes of gaining weight, so it is very important for you who like snacking to choose appropriate snacks. Snacks such as gelatin or pudding are the best option when you are running the program on a diet. In addition, this snack is also capable of waging the digestive system.

3. Sports

We both know that the people who run successful diet program always doing sports every day. For those of you who may be just starting out, start with mild exercise such as walking in the morning, cycling or gymnastics.

4. reduce portion packed

Portion packed certainly is one of the main causes of fatty buildup, so it’s important to reduce portions to eat if you want to immediately get an ideal body weight. A healthy diet is to reduce the portion of the meal, not by not eating at all. This is because our bodies need the energy to run the day-to-day activities.

Start reducing the portions you eat starting from 10-20% of the portion before.

5. Consumption of foods high in fiber

High fiber food with a very good diet program to help you. Foods high in fiber is not digested by the body directly. Foods with high fiber are foods that nourish the digestive system, so from now on multiple fruit and vegetable consumption.

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More or less like that tips to lose weight naturally. Keep the pattern of life and our diet so that the fat in the body does not accumulate.

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