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How To Maintain Heart Health

Posted at August 26th, 2018 | Categorised in Health

For how to maintain heart health one is with how to apply a style or pattern of healthy living. This is certainly so that the performance of your heart stay healthy and unencumbered. So, you will be spared from the attack range of the deadly disease.

In addition, the heart is one of the vital organs that work to deliver nutrients to all parts of your body. Therefore, we recommend that the heart needs to be guarded by doing sports regularly and also stop the habit that be bad for heart health. For example by not smoking and not drinking liquor.

How To Maintain Heart Health
In order to make the performance of your heart can function optimally. You can apply the following steps regarding how to maintain the health of the heart that you can practise in everyday life.

1. No smoking

The habit of smoking would have a bad impact mengasilkan especially on the organ of the heart. Which will increase the risk of heart illness. This is because the content in the smoking like tobacco or nicotine contain chemicals that are harmful to the body when inhaled will lead to atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis is a disease caused by a buildup of plaque, kolestrol amounts of calcium, and fat on the circulatory system in your body. That will lead to a narrowing of the arteries and a reduction in blood flow.

Carbon dioxide in cigarette smoke will also disrupt the structure of the oxygen in the air. Which will cause the performance heart harder to supply oxygen. It could even lead to the occurrence of a narrowing in the artery and will impact the incidence of heart attacks.

2. Exercise on a regular basis for those of you who want to strengthen the muscles of the body, you can do sports regularly. Because it will help strengthen your heart’s performance. For this kind of exercise is good for the heart, you can follow the following explanation.

  • By doing aerobic exercise of medium intensity for 30 minutes per day within 5 days. This aerobic exercise will improve blood flow in the body and also improve health at heart.
  • Do high intensity aerobic exercise for 25 minutes per day. do it every 3 days a week in order to be accounted 75 minutes in a week.
  • You can also do weight training for at least 2 days per week.

3. Do some checking Cholesterol and blood pressure
How to maintain a healthy heart is by doing some checking cholesterol levels and blood pressure regularly. So from these results, you will know in your heart health levels and also you can handle the problems arising in the heart.
  • Check your blood pressure first. You can check them out regularly every two years. When the results of your blood pressure range is 120/80, then the doctor will normally advise you to do some checking blood pressure within nearby or depending on the disease history that you suffered.
You can do some checking in hospitals or at pharmacies and your workplace. Which provides blood pengecekkan automatically. So, you can check it out as freely as you want. In addition, as a record enhancements you can do consultations with physicians expert.
  • Find out your cholesterol levels. With cholesterol checked every 5 years. Checking cholesterol is made by taking a blood sample and checked it out in a laboratory. After that, the doctor who checked will explain the results to you.
In addition, you should also pay attention to the medical history of heart disease and diabetes in the family. Because usually such risk will decrease from the family. Therefore, we recommend that you do some checking cholesterol regularly so that the results obtained could make the prevention of the disease.
4. Keep your Weight
If your excessive weight, then your heart will work harder in order to keep the heartbeat remained normal. However, when this happens on an ongoing basis, it will cause serious health problems in the heart. Well, to overcome this problem you could reduce your weight with exercise and diet that nourish the body.
Health problems that occur on the heart due to excess weight there is an awful lot, some of the heart problem you can look at the following explanation
  • Coronary Artery Disease. Is a disease caused by a build-up of plaque in the arteries plaques are linked to the part of the heart. Hoarding of plaque narrowing arteries this will happen the heart and reducing blood flow. Thus causing the supply of oxygen in the body is reduced.
Therefore, your heart will be working with a heavier burden in sending the blood passing through the channels kecl it, thus causing the chest pain resulting from oxygen deprivation. In addition, it can also be fatal that is causing a heart attack.
  • Stroke. This happens due to hoarding by plaques in the arteries causing artery ruptured and caused the formation of vapour in the blood. If blood clots occurred close to the brain, it will result in your brain doesn’t get the blood supply and oxygen as well as will experience a stroke.
  • Hypertension or high blood pressure. Your heart will be pumping with work harder and hard so it can send the oxygen supply and nutrients released to all parts of the body. However, if the performance of the heart keeps it that way then over time will result in a channel on your heart broken.
So that would cause the onset of high blood pressure or hypertension. That’s where the risk of hypertension tend to attack in people who have problems with obesity or excessive weight.
5. Avoid Stress
The State of excess stress certainly would be bad on the performance of your heart. because when your stress levels are high then the release will occur on the hormone cortisol and adrenaline that will also lead to the onset of a rise in blood pressure and cholesterol, too.
In addition, usually the things that trigger your stress will set you back on bad habits for letting go of stress. Among them are drinking alcohol with great numbers, eating, and smoking. Bad habits that will certainly affect the health of your heart.
To solve it, then you need to do sports with routine, change the program a healthy diet, and also stop doing the bad habits. We recommend that you do this so you can avoid or reduce your stress levels.
6. Keep your mental health
If you have some sort of psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder are experiencing, and obsessive compulsive disorders are surely going to interfere with the health of your heart.
Symptoms of disturbances that can you know from eating the excess portion that much or even vice versa with little portions, do not do exercise, stress, and blood pressure is too high. Then, it will cause your heart health is compromised.
If you have this then you should immediately consult with physicians expert immediately. Surely it would be better if you consult a doctor who could treat disorders of the soul in a way that is natural.
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