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How To Treat A Stroke

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Normal blood circulation in the body is one of the important things you must keep. Ranging from lifestyle pattern to what you consume is very influential on the health of the body. Of course, several diseases lurk You who have disorders of the circulation of the blood, such as e.g. hypertension, heart, stroke and many more.

These diseases can strike anyone, especially for those of you who have a history of high blood. Usually, people who have a history of the hypertensive disease has a great opportunity hit stroke.

I.e. stroke occurs due to a blockage or rupture of a blood vessel that resulted in blood supply to the brain is interrupted towards. That makes the death of some cells in the part of the brain. However, for you already hit by a stroke, there are several ways to treat stroke can be done.

The handling of the stroke must be fast. Thus the supply of blood to the brain must contain oxygen and necessary nutrients. If the blood supply is cut off then as a result of brain cells begin to die and will result in somebody functions stop.

But before discussing more how to treat stroke, stroke symptoms here are a few things you should know first:

Mouth or eyes on the sufferer looks reasonably or not decreasing.
How to start talking is not clear or less can be understood, not even a little stroke sufferer who also can’t talk at all although visible self-conscious.
Certain body parts cannot be driven, usually, the part that is part of the arm.
Background or the exact cause of which resulted in a stroke that is breaking the flow of blood containing oxygen and necessary nutrients.

Here is some kind of Stroke:

Ischemic stroke
This type of stroke occurs due to blood vessels in the brain are experiencing clogging. Patterns of lifestyle or eating patterns that are not well a major factor for the occurrence of this type of stroke. Blockage of blood flow to this one type of stroke caused by a buildup of cholesterol and free radicals in the bloodstream.

Stroke Hemorrhagic
Stroke is also commonly referred to by bleeding due to vascular causes are found in the brain ruptures. Hypertension or aging becomes a major factor in nerve damage to the brain and causes nerve-related performance motor become damaged.

Stroke Hemoregik is divided into two kinds, namely:

Bleeding Intrasebal
This bleeding occurs in the brain due to hypertension malignant. In addition to other causes of bleeding this one is the existence of an already bloody brain tumor, malformation or abnormality in blood vessels that had already broken out.

Bleeding Subarachnoid
Occur due to rupture of blood vessels from the cavity itself or other cavity and into the room subarachnoid on the part of the brain.

TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack)
Or is usually called a mild stroke. The cause of this type of stroke due to the blood supply to the brain suffered a momentary disruption. Usually, this type of stroke beginning symptoms such as dizziness, sudden limp body, blurred vision or double, and tough talk.

After learning some of the types and symptoms of anything that happens on a stroke, now is the time you figure out how to treat stroke can be done.

How to treat a stroke belongs to hard-hard-easy, and here is the explanation

Herbal medicine stroke
Remember this one disease including severe illness, then it takes patience to treat it. Symptoms of stroke itself can be prevented with early on how to maintain the pattern of life and daily eating patterns. To treat a stroke that had already occurred earlier can be old or new with the use of herbal medicine stroke.

In addition to safe and reduce the risk of the side effects of chemical drugs, the use of herbal remedies or traditional herbal healing in helping rock is a stroke.

Indeed fast or length of healing depends on the severity of the sufferer. In addition, a companion also became one of the important factors in the healing process. Patient and compassionate affection high mandatory owned companion in the process of healing stroke sufferer. Don’t ever make the sufferer becomes mentally down.

Avoid the bad things from a variety
How to treat a stroke that is making the liver sufferer always happy. Avoid the sufferers of bad news that could have hurt her heart or even add to the burden of his mind. Always give motivation so that sufferers of the spirit through the process of healing.

Exercise routine
How to treat a stroke or arguably preventive measures i.e. one by doing regular exercise, if you often work out then the Agency will feel fresher and wake blood flow smoothly. Avoid smoking and stay away from alcoholic drinks. In addition, you should reduce the consumption of foods that are high in order to cholesterol the risk of stroke was spared.

In addition to the can by way of treating a stroke above, some way of treating a stroke the following can also be done to speed up the healing process.

Ischemic strokes are essentially the same with coronary heart disease. This type of stroke still has great opportunities to recover. The use of herbal medicines containing lumbrokinase enzymes become recommendations herbal remedy for types of the stroke in this one.
Enzyme lumbrokinase itself serves to dissolve the spots or plaques and thrombus also blockages in a major blood vessel walls up to microcirculation in the delicate blood vessels in the head.

For sufferers of stroke hemorrhagic, you can do the therapy. Therapy for a type of stroke that one is usually done 3 weeks after the acute period.
This one belongs to the stroke weight, therefore we recommend that you do an early rehabilitation in order to heal faster. Maximum must be handled before 6 hours for your disability or paralysis sufferers don’t happen.

For this type of stroke TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack), although classified as a light stroke don’t think lightly of the types of strokes on this one. The care of seriously required to prevent bad things from happening. Controlling blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar levels in the body is very important to do.
After learning a few how to treat stroke, here are some good types of food consumption to help speed up how to treat a stroke you do:

The content of folic acid contained in it either to meet the necessary nutrients to the brain. Nutrition is very important to prevent blockages or even damage to the blood vessels.

Sweet potato
Phytonutrients found in sweet potatoes are beneficial to launch a blood circulation and improve damaged cells.

There is a content of Quercetin can be beneficial relieves inflammation resulting in blood vessels become hardened. Risk stroke could even go down 50% with you consume fruits apples every day.

The Leaves Of The God Bungan Roses
Essential oils, saponins, and flavonoids in the leaves of this one very helpful to stop the bleeding, the blood circulation that certainly can be one of the alternative ways to treat strokes.

Leaf Sambiloto
Lots of benefits from the leaves of this one. Enough brewed 7 leaves sambiloto together half a cup of hot water. And add honey if you’re going to drink it. Do as much as 3 times daily.

It is true a maxim said it is better to prevent than to treat, as well as stroke. It is easier to prevent than have to do various ways of treating strokes that sometimes does require patience and diligence of the Extras.

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Several ways of treating a stroke above are an effort that can be made in the process of healing to prevention. Hopefully, by reading this article, you can get information to help relatives or anyone suffering from a stroke.

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