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How To Treat Gout

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Diseases of uric acid are one disease that is quite annoying, generally uric acid experienced by people who are already aged. Disease of gout is a condition commonly experienced by a person with symptoms such as pain is not unbearable, there is swelling in one limb typically revolved around the area of the foot, and a sense of heat at the joints.

Gout can occur in all parts of our body, but the body part most often affected by uric acid is a toe, finger joints, knees, and ankles. Affected by the disease of gout is usually are men, women are less affected because normally exposed this uric acid disease while experiencing menopause.

Natural ingredients to treat Gout

1. Black Honey

Honey taken from the interior forests, produced by bees nectar flowers are bitter MacGregor, contrarian, mahogany, coffee, etc. Black honey Bitter contains alkaloids that are high as an infection and antibiotics, very beneficial to cope with gout.

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2. Leaves binahong

According to a study, binahong leaves contain flavonoids as follows, oleanolic acid, vitamin C, saponins, alkaloids, and essential oils.

As for how to treat gout with leaves of binahong are:

The first way:

Prepare a 20 sheet binahong young leaves.
Water is already cooked through about 8 glasses.
Clean the leaves binahong first with water and then squeeze it until it leaves out the mucus.
Then, stew 20 binahong the leaves with water already prepared earlier by fire, not too tight.
The binahong leaves boiled to boiling water, and allow to diminish as much as 3 cups.
After that, lift and chill water decoction of leaves of binahong his stew and then water the water is ready to drink.
The second way:

Prepare a 15-gram binahong leaves and honey to taste.
Prepare well water to taste.
Clean the leaves binahong with water until clean.
Insert the Leafs binahong into it and then leave it up to a boil.
After that strain the herb and allow it to cool
Herb leaves binahong water is ready to drink.
The third way:

Prepare 15 gr binahong leaves are still good.
Prepare oven.
Clean the leaves binahong to clean.
Then dry the leaves it until it is completely dry, it is advisable to drying his for 1 full day.
Once dry cut leaves and then bubukkan.
Use oven prepared earlier to dry powder binahong.
Use the oven temperature is about 50 degrees centigrade, and then allow it to dry leaves and not left until the remaining 10% moisture content that still presents in the leaves.
Then put it in a bag used to teabag.
After that the tea bag like brewed when you make tea.

3. Fruit noni

According to a study, the fruit of the noni contains scoleptin, these Terpenoids, anti-cancer substances, xeronine and phroxeronine.

As for how to treat gout with noni fruit are:

Prepare ingredients in advance, i.e. 2 kg mengkudu, turmeric white, 4 cm 2 cm galangal, 3-grain seeds and cloves, and 2 liters of water.
Then cut the fruit of mengkudu (select an old one), cut into 4 portions. Then soak the noni fruit in clean water for an approximately � hour.
Take turmeric white already prepared, and clean and peel the skin. After that put in the pot already filled in 2 liters of water.
Enter the noni fruit has also been cut, and boil and let the water until reduced to 1 liter of water.
After that do not reduce the fire first, insert the cloves and cinnamon into a saucepan.
After all the ingredients are put into the pot well blended, turn off the heat and strain the boiled water using a thin cloth.
After the water filtered his stew let stand briefly until the water boiled to become clear.
Noni fruit stew ready water consumed.

4. soursop Leaf

According to a study, soursop leaves contain fiber, vitamins A, B, and C, minerals consisting of pottasium, calcium, iron, gentisate, annonacin acid, annocatilin, and anonol.

As for how to treat gout with soursop leaves are:

Take 6-10 soursop leaves and then clean with running water.
The soursop leaves cut into sections, this is done so that the juice of the leaves not mixed with water.
Prepare 2 cups of water then boil the water with the soursop leaves.
Wait and let stand until the water is reduced to 1 Cup, and drink after cooled. Should drink water boiled the soursop leaves twice a day every morning and night on a regular basis.

5. Bay leaf

According to a study, the bay leaf contains tannins, flavonoids, alkaloids, and essential oils. As for how to treat gout with a bay leaf is:

Prepare 10 pieces bay leaf.
Then boiled with water for as much as 700 ccs.
Add approximately � stalk Lemongrass stalks.
Boil the leaves with water until the water is reduced by as much as 200 ccs.
Water decoction of bay leaf is ready to be drunk while warm.
Drink decoction of the leaves 1-2 water glasses every day.

6. Leaf kelor

According to a study, kelor leaves contain vitamin C, calcium, protein, potassium, and iron. As for how to treat gout with leaf kelor is:

Prepare kelor leaves to taste.
Clean the kelor leaves with warm water so that it flows.
Jemurlah the leaves until dry.
Mash or puree the dried leaves of the kelor last by using pounder, make sure the tool its mashed the State of the net.
Then store it in a covered.
Kelor powder already mixed and mashed is ready to be consumed and can be mixed with food or drink.

7. Java Tea Leaves

According to a study, Java tea leaves contain potassium salts, essential oil, flavonoids, and much more.

As for how to treat gout with Java tea leaves are:

Prepare 5 pieces of Java tea leaves.
Plus with the 3 meniran leaves batan.
Prepare also 250 liters of water.
After all the ingredients prepared, boil until boiling and water until reduced to approximately 1 Cup.
Once filtered and cooled water decoction of leaves of Java tea is ready to drink.
Water consumption this stew 3-4 times in a day.

8. the Red betel Leaves

According to a study, the Red betel leaves contain alkaloids, allylprokatekol, ekstragol, eugenol, cineole, pteropods phenyl, ekstragol, essential oils and much more.

As for how to treat diseases of uric acid with the Red betel leaves are:

The first way:

  1. Prepare approximately 7 sheets of Red betel leaves.
  2. Prepare the Red betel leaves, sprigs of as much as 1 rod with a length of 15 cm.
  3. 4 cups of water.
  4. Wash all materials that have been prepared to clean.
  5. Small slices of these materials to be small in size.
  6. Boil all ingredients to a boil.
  7. Add honey if necessary.
  8. The stew is ready to drink water, drink � cups each day.

The second way:

  1. Provide 3 pieces of betel leaf is red.
  2. Provide also 3 Red betel leaves and shoots.
  3. 600 ml water.
  4. Clean all the ingredients.
  5. Then cut into small size.
  6. The Red betel leaves boiled in water, 3 cups, and then reserving the remaining water to �.
  7. When it is boiling, strain the water and then drain and wait until the water is cool.

9. Ginger Red

According to a study, the Red ginger contains zingiberol, bisabolene, kurkumen, filandrena and gingerol, bitter resins. As for how to treat gout with red ginger are:

Prepare 2-3 Red ginger segment and then cut the size of a thumb.
Clean the Red ginger with clean water, and clean the surface of the ginger.
Take ginger that’s been cleaned up, and insert it into the boiling water.
Boiled ginger to the watercolor changed.
Lift water decoction of the ginger and leave until cold.
If it is cold, boiled water prepared drink and consumed 2-3 times a day.

10. Japanese Ant

According to a study, Japanese ants contains amino acids, proteins, lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, and others. As for how to treat gout with ants is by way of consuming 3-5 Ant tail every day with the Japanese eat it right away, make sure you have eaten beforehand.

11. the mangosteen Rind

According to a study, the mangosteen rind contains antioxidants, proteins, calcium and so forth. As for how to treat diseases of uric acid with the skin of the mangosteen is:

The first way:

The mangosteen rind culprit and enter into a blender.
Add 1 cup water and the sugar to taste only.
Blend until smooth and drink every 2 times a day regularly.

The second way:

Mangosteen rind sliced thinly then dry the skin so that the mangosteen can survive long against fungus.
Once the skin dried mangosteen, grab a handful and then boiled with a glass of water.
Wait a few minutes until the skin of the fruit of the mangosteen was wilting.
Mangosteen fruit leather that has been boiled earlier you can use to be made of the juice.

12. Olive oil

According to a study, the olive oil contains good fats, vitamins E and K, phenolic resins, iron, etc.

As for how to treat gout with olive oil are:

Consumption directly every morning and evening on a regular basis, it is recommended to eat olive oil on it before eating.
Mix the olive oil with the food you eat, for example, if in the morning you eat cereal then combine the olive oil on the cereal you eat.
Replacing cooking oil with olive oil at the moment want to fry food.

13. Leaves sambiloto

According to a study, sambiloto leaves contain flavonoids, alkane compounds, ketones, pillars, calcium, potassium, and sodium. As for how to treat gout with leaf sambiloto is:

Provide the leaves dried sambiloto 10 gr.
Provide the rhizome temulawak 10 gr.
Provide as many rife leaves 10-15 gr.
Prepare also 1 gr pepper.
Wash clean all the ingredients, then mix all of the ingredients and simmer with 5 cups of water until the remaining 3 cups of water in it.
After water decoction of leaves of sambiloto ready, consumption of 3 glasses per day i.e. morning, noon, and night on a regular basis.

14. Pure honey

According to a study, pure honey contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals, niacin, calcium, copper, iron, riboflavin, magnesium, zinc and potassium.

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As for how to treat gout with honey is to drink it directly or mix honey into food or drinks that you consume, you should select the original honey so that it does not contain too much sugar.

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