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The Benefits Of Earthworms

Posted at August 26th, 2018 | Categorised in Health

Earthworm is one animal that resembles its shape like a tube and rich benefits and improved for the human body. By looking at the condition of earthworms visually certainly many of them are amused and disgusted. Whereas, having traced the worm is one source of energy is very high due to the rich content of aminonya acid.

One of the earthworm which is rich in deposits of its nutrition value is lumbricus rubellus. Which contain 76% protein. Moreover, in a study also mentioned that the benefits of earthworms can fight pathogenic bacteria especially bacteria causes diarrhea or commonly known as Eschericia coli.

The Content Of Nutrients In Earthworms
Earthworms have diverse nutritional content which is certainly needed by the body. Even in 100 grams of meat containing varied nutrition earthworms. His nutritional and like what you can see in the following explanation.

  1. Abu 1.5%
  2. Fat 45%
  3. Carbohydrates 17%
  4. Lysine 5.16%
  5. Threonine 3.28%
  6. Glycine 3.5%
  7. Glutamate acid 8.98%
  8. Protein 76%

The benefits of Earthworms for health
Once you know about the nutritional value of content on earthworms, here is an earthworm benefits for the health of the body which is certainly not yet you know.

1. Heal wounds

Earthworms also has benefits for the body especially in accelerating in healing wounds. This is because the protein content in the worm is believed to be able to help the body regenerate body cells that have been damaged.

In addition earthworms also contain arakidonat acid which is useful to speed up the growth of new cells in the body. That condition is very good for healing wounds that require substitution of cell death became the new cells.

2. Drug Fever

Have much to prove that animals also have benefits to help lower a high fever. In addition, the drug-lowering a fever of earthworms is known more efficacious in curing fever compared to drink medicines and febrifuge in circulation in the market.

3. Launch a blood circulation

By consuming earthworms would be beneficial to your body that is helping the body process launched in the circulation of the blood. Because worms have one useful substance content to get rid of that fat perverse yag resides in the blood so it will cause the blood flow becomes smooth again.

4. Cure Typhoid

In addition to lowering fever, the benefits of earthworms that others are able to cure the disease typhus. Typhoid fever is a disease caused by salmonella bacteria. Which makes a lot of people are looking for and want to have this earthworm to cure typhus.

In fact, there is also the remedy of earthworms that are produced in the form of a capsule which is useful to simplify the peminumnya. This is because the content of nutrients in earthworms have the ability to fight bacterial causes sick of typhus.

5. Overcoming Constipation

For those of you unfamiliar with the term constipation is certainly wondering Yes with the meaning of that term. Constipation is one of the problems with bowel movements which stool becomes harder than ever. So, will result in the occurrence of injuries around the anus and also trigger it ambient.

To overcome this problem you could consume a wide variety of herbal juices and also consume fruits. For more practice you can use earthworms. The reason is because it contains an earthworm nutrition can improve the body’s digestive system.

When digestion in the body smoothly, then the process of absorption of food in the body will take place with normal bowel movements so that you become more fluent.

6. Control blood sugar

For those of you who have problems with blood sugar disease such as diabetes. Then, try to consume the meat of earthworms. Because the flesh of the earthworm is excellent for diabetics. Because it can control blood sugar levels in your body with good.

7. Enhance Immunity

Earthworms protein which is different from the protein contained in the human body. Typically, the proteins in the human body has antibiotic and protein in the body of the earthworm has antimicrobial properties.

This is useful for antibiotics against the body of bacteria and viruses in the body of a man in a way damaging to the body tissues. While useful microbial to kill bacteria and viruses without damaging the jaringa on her body.

Therefore, by consuming the flesh of the earthworms will help strengthen the immunity in the body. The reason is due to the womb in this worms help fight harmful bacteria and viruses in the body

8. Increase Energy

Earthworms are also content of taunin tablets, which means the compounds that help the decomposition of body fat into energy. Therefore, in addition to useful to provide additional energy, by consuming earthworms will also speed up the fat loss process when running diet program.

9. Tackling Diarrhoea

Diarrhea is one of the usual ailments experienced by a particular person. Earthworms are commonly used as one of the traditional medicine can cure this disease.

Earthworms have antimicrobial properties, i.e. kill the bacteria without destroying the attacks of various tissues in the body. Therefore, by consuming this earthworm can cope with diarrheal diseases caused by e. coli bacteria.

10. Increase Appetite

Whether it’s realized by you or not earthworms actually has a fairly high protein content. There is also an enzyme that helps the content of metabolic processes in the body. Which helps the digestive system running properly and maintained its function so that it will provide the impetus needed by the eating patterns of the body.

The benefits of Earthworms for Beauty
In addition to have efficacy in the health field, earthworms are also beneficial for beauty too loh. For more details refer to the course the following reviews.

1. Overcoming the various problems of beauty

For those of you who have problems with the elasticity of the skin and premature aging, you could try using earthworms. Which is usually manufactured in the form of cosmetics as one of natural beauty products manufacture. Because the worm extracts will address the problem of beauty like the skin is wrinkled.

2. Maintaining healthy Skin

As you already know, there are earthworms high oil content so it is very nice and helpful in maintaining healthy skin. Of course, by taking it on a regular basis. Then, you will have healthy skin and also avoid premature aging and wrinkles on the face.

How to use Earthworms for beauty
Currently earthworm known as one of the beauty products that are scattered all over the country. Beauty products by using the basic ingredients of this worm can be shaped like a mask or toner. However, if you want to make it yourself you simply require pollen from a mixture of water with earthworms.

In addition, you can also add other natural ingredients that certainly has an effect that is great for maintaining healthy skin, such as honey, olive oil, etc.

Side effects of the Earthworm
Although earthworms is believed to have many benefits for health and beauty. Earthworms also has the side effect that occurs when you consume it in excessive amounts.

For example, with the giving of extracts of worms in people suffering from diseases of the chron, then instead of not lowering the disease instead will serve preferably IE increases the risk of infection in the digestive tract.

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