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The Benefits Of Red Onions

Posted at August 26th, 2018 | Categorised in Health

The Onion is a seasoning required in your kitchen. Red Onion is commonly used as a condiment in order to make food more delicious. In addition to boost food, onion has many great benefits that are good for the body. One of the benefits of Onion is to prevent the occurrence of inflammation in the body.

The seasoning is always there in the kitchen has plenty of good content for the health of the body. No wonder when much was made of onions as a food seasoning. In addition to food, boost the onion can make healthier dishes for consumption. Beside as herbs, onion as well as certain drugs.

Chemical Content
1. Rich in vitamins

Onions contain many vitamins in it once. The vitamins contained in the onion is vitamin C and vitamin B6. Vitamin C contained in the onion to exceed daily requirement of vitamin c. vitamin C itself well to ward off free radicals that attack the body so that the body’s health will be more awake.

Meanwhile, vitamin B6 plays an active role in boosting the growth of new cells, so that the body will be healthier because the cells in the body will continue to regenerate.

2. Fiber

Onions contain fiber that can be used resolve digestive problems. If you are experiencing digestive problems, such as constipation, you can consume the onion. In addition to overcome digestive problems, fiber also serves lowers cholesterol levels, help control blood sugar and weight control.

3. Allicin

Allicin is the active compound in the human body which acts to kill bacteria-bacteria and germs that will attack the body, so the body is spared from the disease. In the onion contained lots of allicin which can be used to maintain the immune system.

In addition, allicin also serves to safeguard the health of the heart. Based on a study, consuming onion regularly, can help lower blood pressure and keeping it normal.

4. A. Onionin

Onionin A virtually there in every onion-bawangan, not only the onion, but also garlic. Onionin is a compound in the body that acts to reduce inflammation and pain from a variety of illnesses suffered by human beings. A Anionin does not only reduce the pain for a while, but can also reduce the pain permanently.

Bawangmerah also routinely consume not only relieves pain, but can also cope with the wide range of ailments such as asthma, allergies, arthritis or arthritis.

5. Organosulfur

In red onions also contain organosulfur. Organosulfur themselves play an active role to overcome and prevent the occurrence of cancer of the prostate and stomach. That is because the organosulfur creates a protective layer inside the human body to fight the cancer that was in the prostate gland and the stomach.

6. Quercetin

Cain’s compound inside the onion is quercetin. Quercetin itself serves as an antioxidant, antifungal, and a bitter taste. Antioxidants contained in it plays an active role to keep the body’s immune to stay stable and not easily hurt. That is because the antioxidants can ward off free radicals that can be the source of the disease.

By consuming red onions on a regular basis can make the body is not susceptible to the disease. In addition, the immune system will also be more stable and secure. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to use red onion as condiments kitchen, as well as flavoring dishes can also nourish the body.

7. Other Content

In addition to the above content-kendungan, red onions are also still contain some other content is also good for the body. The content of calcium, iron, folic acid, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and antioxidants. The content of calcium and iron is excellent for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Calcium is able to prevent the onset of osteoporosis, while iron can also cope with the onset of anemia.

The Benefits Of Red Onions
1. Help lower cholesterol

When has health problems associated with cholesterol, goes without doubt to use the onion as medicine. Based on a study, the onion can serve to lower the level of bad cholesterol in the body. In addition, the content of the nutrients contained in the shallot can also lower high blood pressure, and prevent the risk of stroke.

2. Launch the digestion

The onion contains high fiber. The fiber itself serves to launch the digestion. In addition, fiber also serves to resolve problems related to digestion, such as constipation for example. Thus, by consuming red onions on a regular basis can launch your digestive system.

3. As an antioxidant in the body

Red Onion is one of the onion-bawangan containing high levels of vitamin C. Vitamin C has benefits to ward off free radicals. Free radicals is one of the causes that lead to the body susceptible to disease. Thus, one of the benefits of Onion is to boost the immune system in the body in order not easily hurt.

Antioxidants also play a role against the cancer cells cancer who would attack the human body. Therefore, there is no harm to consume the onion every day because it is capable of preventing and coping with cancer.

4. Strengthen Bones

Benefits of Onion is to strengthen bones. This is because in the onion contained calcium and iron are good for maintaining bone health. Calcium can also repair damaged bones so they can be spared from the disease osteoporosis.

Based on a study, people who consume red onion more avoid more health problems related to bones, such as osteoporosis. People who consume garlic regularly tend to have stronger bones than people who rarely consume red onion.

5. Address the inflammation in the body

The Onion is very effective in dealing with inflammation, either temporarily or permanently. That is because the nature of the onion, that are potent anti-inflammatory. The potent anti-inflammatory properties very well to prevent damage from within, so that is not the case of infection.

The benefits of red onions more is to preserve the health of the organs of the body. It is due to a high content of antioxidants in the onion.

6. Addressing the Flatulence in children

Kids have immune systems that are unstable and susceptible to disease. Kids tend to be more susceptible exposed to cold than adults. Cold can cause the stomach feels bloated. Shallots can cope with flatulence. How to overcome quite easily by smoothing the onion and membalurkannya to the body coupled with the telon oil.

7. Relieve Cough

Other benefits of Onion is to relieve cough. Coughing if not promptly resolved can disrupt your sleep. The fix is quite easy. If you are less like to medicines, you can use the onion as an alternative. Do I simply membalurkan red onions frying on the body.

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