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Vegetable Benefits Of Kale

Posted at August 26th, 2018 | Categorised in Health

Who is not familiar with one of these green vegetables which have many benefits to the body. At first glance, leaves kale this looks similar to a vegetable chicory but just warnaya darker.

Vegetable benefits of kale are commonly used as processed vegetable dishes to complement the dish. Like, used to complement a salad or mashed into a one of a kind drinks healthy smoothies beverages.

Content in Vegetables Kale
Maybe you’re wondering yes why vegetables is quite popular especially in the area of Bandung and Bogor. This is certainly due to the vegetables kale is rich in deposits of nutrients needed by the body. One of its benefits for health are diet can help. So, for those of you who want to run a program on a diet don’t forget to add the vegetables kale on the menu your diet.

As for the content of nutrients in vegetables kale can you take a look at the following information.

  1. Vitamin K
  2. Kooin
  3. Vitamin C
  4. Folic Acid
  5. Vitamin B6
  6. Niacin
  7. Vitamin E
  8. Riboflavin
  9. Vitamin D
  10. Thiamine
  11. Vitamin A
  12. Manganese
  13. Magnesium
  14. Salt
  15. Iron

The benefits for the health of Kale Vegetable

The benefits for the health of the body of the kale vegetable there are so many kinds. One of these vegetables offer a wide range of nutritional good in the form of vitamins and minerals are abundant. Well, for a detailed explanation of the benefits of this kale vegetable, please just refer to the explanation here.

1. Maintaining heart health one of the vegetable content of kale which are instrumental for maintaining heart health is Vitamin K which satisfy the 680% vitamin K in the body needs per day. Even this content will be increased to 1300% when you offer it with merebusnya and do not add salt.

A study also proves that there is a decrease in the risk of death in patients suffering from heart disease by giving vitamin K supplements. However, if you are taking medication, blood thinning should consult first to experts, as much as what vitamin K is recommended for consumption on the body.

2. Maintain eye health

In addition to having a high content of vitamin K, in one glass of vegetable raw kale also contain 6,600 IU, which Ministry of health recommend to consume as many as 2400 IU of vitamin A per day.

Vitamin A is very good for eye health, also increases the immune system of the body and even contributed in the formation of the cells in the body. Therefore, when you consume vegetables rich in vitamin A can avoid the risk of eye disease and also maintain eye health.

In addition, the vegetables kale also has a variety of colors such as green, purple, white, and bluish green due to the presence of substances lutein. Where these substances are very good to keep an eye on the function.

3. Maintaining bone health

Milk is indeed known as one of the drinks contained calcium content. Which have only 1.13 mg of calcium in each gram. However, besides found on milk, calcium is also contained in the vegetables kale. In fact, in one gram of raw kale vegetable, there is 1, 35 mg of calcium content.

In addition, calcium on vegetables kale is also easily absorbed by the body could even reach 40 to 60%. So, the content is certainly able to maintain and improve the health of your bones. This is not because the function of calcium plays an important role in bone protection.

4. Help cell regeneration

Cells in the human body has a cycle of life and death which are assembled in a scheme of regeneration cells. Thus, the human body should be able to do well so that the cell regeneration condition his body waking his health well.

However, it is still sometimes cell regeneration in the body not the maximum. This is because the cells lack nutrients to its main intake. To fix it then vegetable konsumsilah kale. Because of his nutritional content will help the process of regeneration of the cells in the body.

5. Prevent Stroke

Stroke is one of the diseases that are dangerous to humans. A stroke can occur at any time and to anyone whether it be young or old does not escape from the onslaught of this disease.

Then, to prevent it you should pay attention to your diet so that it is not exposed to hypertension is regarded as one of the factors the main cause of strokes. You can start it by consuming vegetables kale which can be useful to prevent stroke.

6. Lower Cholesterol

If you have problems with high cholesterol levels in the body, you can drop him off by consuming vegetables kale. Because, there are deposits of kale vegetable fatty acids and fat HDL which serves to get rid of the nasty fat cause of high cholesterol levels.

7. Prevent Breast cancer

Breast cancer is the second cause of one’s death to women worldwide. In fact, at least from 8 women are suffering from cancer. Surely it is very scary as hell not?

To prevent it to avoid one of these deadly diseases you can consume vegetable kale. In kale there is nutritional yag called sulforaphane. That is one type of antioxidant and a simulator of an enzyme called detoxification.

Sulforaphane is useful to inhibit the growth of breast cancer in the body. Based on a research by the year 2010 stating that sulforaphane can lower the cancer cells that are active on the breast cancer sufferers as much as 65% to 805.

8. Healthy Liver

The liver is one of the organs in the body which can be protected by consuming vegetables kesehatnnya kale. With consumption then your liver will be more awake his health and also prevents the onset of jaundice and other diseases that interfere with the health of the organs of the body.

9. Launch Channels Cerna

Human beings certainly require fiber food which contained in vegetables and fruits. Especially on this which has kale vegetable fiber abundant for the body. With them you can get benefits such as launch channels in the body so that the indigestion relief from constipation that is troublesome.

In addition, the fibers also have other functions such as cleaning the intestines so that absorption of nutrients will be better again.

10. Prevent Anemia Benefits vegetables kale can prevent the next body exposed to anemia. Which vegetable in kale there are deposits of iron that is quite high so make your body increase red blood cells.

11. Treat Arthritis

One of the diseases that can also be addressed using the vegetables kale is arthritis. Where the content is in this very potent vegetables to treat disease arthritis and also prevent the disease coming back on your body.

12. Prevent Cancer

Besides being able to prevent liver and heart disease, other benefits of vegetable kale can also you feel like prevent the body from the attack of the deadly disease of cancer. This is because these vegetables have anti-cancer substances that are natural. So, it can nourish your body and also keep the body’s cells from damage.

13. The Anti-Alzheimer’s

To prevent Alzheimer’s disease you can prevent early dengun using the vegetables kale. As with consumption will protect your body and make the body immune from the disease.

14. Diet

For those of you who are running diet programs don’t forget to also add the vegetables kale in your diet menu list. With consumption then your weight will go down with the natural.

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